5 Things I Miss About Fuerteventura

For over 20 years I’ve been going to Fuerteventura, and no, I know I don’t look old enough (!), but I was an early discoverer.

I have been fortunate to visit the island multiple times per year for many years and sadly, I admit, until recently, I’ve taken it for granted. Cheap flights and being able to work remotely meant I could bag any cheap flight without a second thought.

And now those second, third and fourth thoughts turn to what I miss about the island and as a way to reminisce and celebrate the loveliness of Fuerteventura, I wanted to write about what I miss about my second home.

#1 The clean air

Fuerteventura is blessed with wind swept across the Atlantic Ocean which can, on occasions, make things very windy. I recall muttering myself on many an evening the need for a warm winter ‘cardi’ to my fancy evening dress on account of it. But now, stuck in the pollution of London, I long for it. I yearn so much for the blowy, blustery wind to make my goose bumps tingle and fill my lungs with the sweet, fresh sea air.

#2 The safety

I have yet to go anywhere else in the world (and I’ve travelled a lot) to feel anywhere as safe as I do in Fuerteventura. I believe everybody who lives or visits this island understands how special it is to be there and to not cross the line. I don’t want to go as far as say there is no ‘unpleasantness’ as bad things, I’m sure do happen. But it’s a sacred isle where people understand the importance of the common good and looking after each other to look after the whole

#3 The scenery

I know Fuerteventura is not an island known for its spectacular scenery, but it all depends how you define it. For me, I love looking at the mountains, who for millennia, have protected the island from the winds. I love the big, big, blue skies. I love the blackness and the starriness of the skies. I love the island feel from wherever you are – the feel and the smell of the sea is on every whiff of air.

#4 The attitude

The people who live and who are attracted to Fuerteventura have a special vibe; they understand this is a special island with its own vibe, its own personality. Fuerteventura doesn’t want or need to be another Tenerife or Gran Canaria, it has a laidback feel like a well fed dinosaur and it doesn’t need to jump to the latest trends. We all already know we’ve got the best beaches and the best roads, we know Fuerteventura is the best; there’s nothing to prove.

#5 The space

Fuerteventura has the most amazing sense of space. Wherever you are on the island you feel you can find your own private place to get away from things. From deserted beaches to being the only customer at a bar, the opportunities for living a solitary life are there for the taking. It’s so wonderful to not feel hemmed in, or crowded – and this feeling happens even in a busy bar.

And I think it’s the combination of people and place that makes Fuerteventura so special. Everybody who visits understands they’re in a different place, a special place. Some will make it their own and it will become a place in their heart, others they’ll take fond memories and move onto pastures new.

For me, I can’t wait to return.

Fuerteventura I miss you x