Advice to my future self.

You will never be as young as you are now.

You will never have less wrinkles – no matter what magic moisturiser you buy.

Save your money, keep your hope. Be happy to live a day longer and gain an extra line to prove it.

Call your friends, even if you don’t feel like it. Everybody gets days when they don’t feel it too. You sending out love to the world, will make you feel better, even if you didn’t feel it from the start.

Send good thoughts out to everybody. Thinking positive things makes your heart sing and your soul throb.

Happy vibrations should fill your body.

Tell those you love, you love them.

Understand you will have down days. There’s nothing wrong with hiding under a duvet, but don’t stay there too long.

Get enough sleep.

Sleep is key to refreshing and relaxing your body and mind. Don’t over-guilt about afternoon naps, but know they will ruin your routine.

Eat vegetables.

Even if you prefer meat, try every day to get at least one fresh ingredient into your life. Plants are a source of fibre and nutrition.

Eat fruit.

Don’t wait for your bananas to go mouldy so you can make bread. Make a concerted effort to eat them while they’re ripe and hard.

Focus on the good things. Even when things are bad. Know too these times will pass. Good or bad, these moments don’t stay for long.

Get used to the transience of everything. Understand change happens – whether you like it or not.

Don’t waste time on regrets and thinking ‘what if’. Look to say yes and ‘why not?’. But, also learn when to say ‘no’.

Respect your time as you do for others, don’t beat yourself up when you haven’t done what you set out to do. Extend the deadline and congratulate yourself for how far you’ve come.

Listen to what your body says. If it’s tired, sleep. If it’s hungry, eat. Don’t deny yourself so many things. Your body fuels your mind and treating it right will pay dividends in the end.

Don’t overdo anything, all the time. Blow outs will happen. Let yourself feel free. Learn how to fly in your mind and allow yourself space to go wrong.

Tomorrow is another day.

Understand the power of the present. The gift of now. Try not to harbour too much on things you wish you’d done differently.

Nourish your soul with song and dance and words from books yet to be read. Take an active interest in what news and views you listen to and don’t be afraid to switch off.

Too much information can drive you crazy.

Be kind to yourself. Think how much love you show others and start to be a better friend to yourself.

Stop telling yourself off when you get things wrong, even the greatest people got things wrong at some point in their lives.

Love yourself for every bump, fault and line. You are not perfect and were not built to be perfect.

Your perfection lies in your imperfection.

Smile often.

Brush your teeth twice per day and make sure you maintain good oral hygiene. Smiling is the best form of medicine.

If you don’t feel like smiling, ask your tummy to smile, you know you can’t help but smile when you imagine that.

Understand it’s OK to be scared. The future is uncertain. Nobody knows what will happen, no matter what they claim or the statistics they present.

Hope to be OK.

Trust you can make it through.

Be resourceful and resilient in all that you do.

Know getting back up, means you fell down to start with.

Make it OK to cry when things don’t go your way, but use the wet of your tears to smooth your next way.

Because there is always a way.

Know that when all hope is lost, you still have hope. Hope is never lost, only in your mind.

And when you think things are tough and you need reminding, read this again from the start and know I am speaking the truth.

Life. Will. Go. On.