Let’s Get Piggie! The 2020 Guinea Pig Christmas Party

This morning I came up with the idea I’d love to write a guinea pig themed Christmas blog post. I didn’t know what to write, but I felt inspired to put a call out on social media to see if anybody had any festive piggie pics they’d like to share.

I was not disappointed.

The piggie love was overwhelming, so thank you to everybody who took part.

Here we have the Hottest Invite of the Year:

#Piggie2020 aka The Guinea Pig Christmas Party!!

‘I’m going to wear my hat,’ said Cinnamon.

Billie King

Jasper laughed. ‘That’s not a hat, that’s the promotional lid off a bottle. Your hoom’s winding you up!’

Jennifer Hogarth

Shimmer and Shine giggled.

Sarah Reading

‘Hmph, don’t you go laughing at me when somebody’s eaten too many carrots to fit into the sleigh,’ grumbled Cinnamon.

‘We’re not laughing,’ chorused Tilly and Fred from underneath their giant Santa hat.

Natalie Plumb

The other piggies looked around.

Karen Mullins

‘When is this nativity going to get started?’ asked Misty.

Natalie Plumb

‘My hoom has just started to build it…we’ve got a stable and a sleigh to start us off’

Georgina Newton

‘I’m all ready for my starring role in the guinativity!’ said Honey, standing proudly.

Amy Richards

She cast her eyes at the others squashed together. ‘Just because you’ve got cozy new beds in front of the Christmas tree, don’t you go thinking you don’t have to do any work!’

Claire Williams

Mo kept his head down, he’d found a tasty treat in front of the tree.

Angela Tauscher Pittman

Distracted by the tasty treats, he didn’t see Tiny sneak in for a nibble.

Angela Tauscher Pittman

Before Scot decided he also wanted in on the action.

Angela Tauscher Pittman

‘That’s not very spirited, not very Christmas!’ came a disapproving voice.

Jennifer Hogarth

‘Is anybody still playing hide and seek?’ called Honey, wondering if she’d disguised herself too well.

Amy Richards

Tigger and Eeyore kept very quiet, they were still playing…

Jamie Lee Wilkinson

‘Just keep still, they won’t know which are the piggies and which are the puppets.’

Laura Ruano

Angel glanced about: Who was meant to be hiding and who was meant to be finding?

Natalie Plumb

‘I’m starting to feel a little sleepy.’

Jennifer Hogarth

‘You can’t sleep yet! We haven’t done our hat shot!’

Sarahrose Gourley

‘I don’t know if I feel like having my photo taken today…’


‘Don’t be shy, it’s fun! Look at this lovely poinsettia, it matches my hat and the floor…I think it must be tasty!’

Karen Mullins

‘Tasty? You can say that again!’ laughed Jasper. ‘My hoom gave me a pumpkin the size of a house!’

Jennifer Hogarth

‘Pumpkins? I didn’t get the memo about any pumpkins?’

Karen Mullins

‘Then that means you didn’t get the note about our Christmas Card Selfie! Say Hay, Hay, Hay!! Merry Christmas everyone!!’

Abbie Kirsten Coles

The End

Thank you so much to everybody for sharing your piggie pictures with me. It was an absolute joy to write about your pets, I hope you enjoyed their story too.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas xxx